Passenger Pickup at Boston Logan International Airport

Only Terminals A, B, C, and E are authorized for Boston Logan International Airport passenger pickup and drop-off. Boston Car Service provides ground level limo picking up at Logan Airport Arrivals. We have the best luxury fleet of limos like SUVs, Sedans, and Sprinter Van. In Sedan, we will provide Lincoln Continental and Mercedez Benz.

Passenger Pickup at Logan Airport from Limo Pick Up Area

Where To Pick Up Arriving Passengers At Logan Airport Pickup Area?

Passenger Pickup Logan Airport Terminals Limo Pick up at Airport / Terminal Pick UpDomestic & International Airlines
Terminal ATo get your chauffeur at the assigned Limo Pool, go to the baggage claim zone on Logan Airport Arrival Level and then pass over the two major roads. The exit door for passengers is A102 at Terminal A Limo Pickup.Delta Airline, Delta Shuttle, WestJet, & Southwest Airline
Terminal BStep right up to the baggage claim section.
Use door B101 on side B1 and use door B113 on side B2.
Afterward, go to the allocated Limo Stand basement to see the chauffeur at Logan Airport terminal b pickup.
B1: American Airline, Southwest Airline, & Boutique Air
B2: Air Canada, Alaska Airline, & Spirit Airline
Terminal CThe Central Basement Parking Level G is where pick-up happens (Ground). To arrive there, take the lift to the basement area, walk across the bridge or catwalk, again use the elevator to the ground floor and reach the limo area by walking at Logan Airport terminal c limo pickup.Aer Lingus, Alaska Airline, Cape Air, JetBlue Airline, TAP Air Portugal, & America Airline
Terminal EKindly go to the baggage claim location on Logan Airport Arrivals, and pass 2 separate traffic lanes to the Skywalk Tower, where the chauffeur will stand for you. The exit Door is E104 for Logan Airport terminal e pickup.Qatar Airways, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa and all International Arrivals

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